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The Arrival of iStreamSM

Where there is demand, there is opportunity.

A dealership came to us with an obstacle: How could their business generate immediate cash? No matter what they tried, cash flow just wasn’t where it needed to be. Credit lines were being extended, and month after month profits were diminishing. They needed a solution, not just for the short-term but the long haul. Something that would help get them back into the black quickly but would also set them up for future success long after.

Enter iStreamSM.

Being immersed in the automotive industry for over 50 years, our experience led us to the best possible solution. Used vehicles. What’s the best part about selling a Used vehicle? Immediate cash. Sell a vehicle, get the money. Sell another vehicle, get the money. No need to wait up to 90 days to get reimbursed by the manufacturer. Sell Used vehicles and increase profitability instantly.

Now, after almost three years of utilizing iStreamSM, the dealership that once lived in the red consistently sees black and beyond. Looking to sell more Used vehicles faster? Need immediate cash? iStreamSM is your solution.

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