Tips for Clearing Out Your Used Car Inventory Featured Image

Tips for Clearing Out Your Used Car Inventory

It’s the little things that make the difference

Are you pulling your hair out trying to clear your lot of Used vehicles? With these tips you’ll turn inventory faster, increase profits, and make room to bring in new inventory!

1. Start with a clean slate

Customers buy with their eyes. The more you make it feel like a brand new vehicle (interior and exterior), or as close to it as possible, the better chance it will sell quicker. 

If you don’t prioritize detailing and instead upload stock images or photos of a vehicle that hasn’t been detailed yet, potential buyers will likely move right past it and on to a dealership where the Used inventory visually impresses.

2. Take great photos

Don’t skimp on photography. Make sure you get as many detailed shots of the vehicle as possible. You’ll want them from various angles both inside and outside the vehicle. Great photos are one of the best ways to sell a Used car, especially in today’s instant-gratification marketplace.

3. Highlight the bells and whistles

If a vehicle offers unique features you’ll want to be sure to highlight them - both in the copy on the Vehicle Details Page (VDP), as well as in the photos (if applicable). Buyers are often interested in the various features and small details that make a vehicle unique.

4. Set up a Stream with iStream

Once your VDP is optimized with photos and vehicle-feature highlights, it will be ready to perform on iStream. iStream is software that streams your Used vehicles directly where the buyers are, i.e social media. Think push, not pull. It takes the work out of the process for both you and them.

So if you’re interested in increasing your Used vehicle sales, reach out. We’d love to help!