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The iStreamSM Team

The iStreamSM team has combined over 50 years of experience working in the automotive industry at National, LMA, and Dealership levels. This knowledgebase led to iStreamSM being created from a holistic view of a dealership, how it operates, current products and technologies, and what will lead to the highest return on investment for all users. 

iStreamSM is not a marketing team, it is not a technology team, it is an automotive team addressing a need.

The idea behind iStreamSM was the result of a conversation with a dealer who needed to start generating immediate cash. He needed to get back in the black and start making money again, without the waiting period after a New vehicle sale. 

Since then, it has been discussions with dealers and their feedback that have guided the journey of iStreamSM. Our team understands auto industry trends; we are on the bleeding edge. We understand what works for dealers, along with their frustrations and needs. That’s why our solution continues to have a direct, positive impact on users’ monthly sales and profitability.