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Top 5 Questions Dealers Are Asking About iStreamSM

It’s no secret that iStreamSM has been helping dealers’ Used inventory fly off the lots. From being in the red to back in black, dealers are seeing immediate cash from Used vehicles like never before. As we continue to break the molds on Used car ads and marketing, a lot of dealers are asking what keeps the Stream of Used cars, trucks, and SUVs flowing into the ads and driving out of the lots?

We’ll dive into the top questions dealers are asking about iStreamSM (with answers, of course).

FAQs about iStreamSM

"How does inventory rotate?"

All of your Used vehicle inventory will rotate randomly and automatically throughout the month so that your Stream of Used vehicles stays up-to-date based on availability and never looks stale to your customers’ eyes. Inventory is updated daily, with new Used vehicles added and sold vehicles removed. 

"How does inventory appear on the Stream?"

A Stream shows 10 vehicles at any given time each day specified by the selected vehicle class (i.e. Car, Truck, SUV, Mixed) or system (AWD, FWD, etc.). Based on how you categorize your Stream, respective vehicles are then added (and later removed) automatically based on updates to your inventory. All shown inventory is updated and refreshed daily with no need for human management!

We make it simple for you, with no maintenance required on your end, other than the typical updates you’d be making to inventory at the dealership anyway. Plus no one wants to view a car for a week (let alone answer inquiry calls) for a vehicle that’s already been sold.

"How many vehicles appear in the Stream at a given time?" 

The magic number showing at any given time is 10 vehicles. However, if you only have 10 vehicles to pull from and one is sold, only 9 vehicles will appear on your Stream. We recommend having at least 30 - 35 Used vehicles to pull from so that your Stream can consistently capitalize on all 10 spots! If you have more than 30 - 35, we may even recommend a second Stream!

“Do you only show 10 Used vehicles all month?”

No! The more vehicles you have to show, the more vehicles your potential customers will view. 10 vehicles are featured each day. But your Stream will randomly rotate the selection daily so that all of your vehicle options are cycled in throughout the month.

“Do I have to select only 10 vehicles?”

No. Because we keep it simple for dealers, iStreamSM will randomly pull from your Used vehicle inventory based on the category of your Stream. If you did want to choose vehicles by Stock Number, we can do that, but we wouldn’t recommend it based on performance analytics.

Still have questions about iStreamSM? Contact us today!